XLI Conventus of the Societas ORL Latina
to be held in Turin in 2016 from 6th to 8th of July
Dear Colleagues and Friends

on behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to invite you to the XLI Conventus of the Societas ORL Latina, to be held in Turin in 2016 from 6th to 8th of July. The Conventus is a unique scientific event aiming to bring together Colleagues of various nationalities and common Latin origin, in the sign of the advancement of the discipline and the development of relations of friendship and brotherhood. Thus represents an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange on all topics that mostly engage otolaryngologists around the world. In this perspective we have enthusiastically accepted the task of organizing such a glorious event, a true honor which we are grateful to the President, the General Secretary and the Executive Committee of the Societas and we want to share with all Otolaryngologists from Piedmont and Italy. In recent years we are witnessing profound changes in medicine and surgery: an increasingly technological but in parallel more personalized medicine. Ancient and modern values that blend to the benefit of the patient. This will be the theme that will characterize the XLI Conventus: "towards a technological personalized medicine".Will be care of the Organizing Committee to prepare a scientific program in line with the great tradition of the Conference, trying to add a touch of innovation and personality: all will feel involved and represented, and we expect from all Countries contributions reflecting the scientific and professional values of the various national Societies. Turin, the ancient Roman Augusta Taurinorum, represented the largest Roman village at the feet of the majestic Alps and over the centuries was protagonist in the history of Italy and Europe. First capital of the Kingdom of Italy and later industrial capital of our country, Turin has been able to change, to open up to the world and adapt to the challenges of modern globalization: how can we forget the edition of the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006? Monuments, some genuine jewels of architecture, an Egyptian museum of extraordinary richness and beauty, the most famous automobile and cinema museums of our Country, Castles and royal residences belonging to the Savoy dynasty, as well as the headquarters of the oenogastronomic movement named "slow food", today exporting around the world the Italian style of conceiving the values, the pleasures of good food and cuisine: this and much more will welcome the XLI Conventus delegates under the Mole Antonelliana. The Lingotto Congress Centre, one of the most functional and modern convention venues in Europe, will provide delegates countless services. Our enthusiasm is great, wishing to make the Societas, who honored us, the service that it deserves; equally great, finally, is the wait to welcome Colleagues and Friends in an ideal warm hug, combining the proverbial piedmontese pragmatism and the typical Latin heat that characterizes our land.

Waiting for you in Turin
Roberto Albera, Francesco Pia, Paolo Aluffi Valletti, Giovanni Cavallo, Giancarlo Pecorari, Giovanni Succo


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